“Absolutely fantastic. Lots of practical take-aways and things that I can put into practice immediately. Our trainer was engaging, encouraging and genuine. I will be recommending it to everyone!”

Workshop delegate, AutoTrader

As featured in the Public Health England SEMH Toolkit for Schools and Colleges

Welcome to the home of The Resilience Doughnut in the UK and Ireland.
Resilience is at the heart of our wellbeing, success and long term mental health, as we navigate our way through the inevitable transitions and adversities of life. 
The Resilience Doughnut is a practical, research-validated model being used around the world to build the resilience of children, adolescents and adults. It identifies and combines strengths needed to thrive in a modern world, showing the external strengths that interact to influence the development of self esteem, self efficacy and social skills, that build resilience.  The Resilience Doughnut provides a practical tool and framework which can be used with individuals, groups, families, teams or across a whole organisation or community.

Resilience Snapshot

One-to-one session for adults to explore their own Resilience Doughnut and feel better equipped to face the challenges of daily life.

Resilience Coaching

One-to-one coaching for adults who are struggling with a problem, lacking motivation, experiencing personal challenges or facing a period of transition.

Schools and Colleges

Practical workshops, training and one-to-one coaching for schools and colleges with a focus on enhancing pupil and teacher resilience.


Practical workshops, training and one-to-one coaching for organisations, from any sector, with a focus on enhancing staff resilience.

Resilience in Adults

Practical workshops, training and one-to-one coaching for organisations and groups working with adults across any setting.

Resilience in Children and Adolescents

Practical workshops, training and programmes for organisations and groups working with children and adolescents.

Parents and Families

Practical workshops for parents with a focus on the resilience of themselves and their children. Delivered through schools, workplaces and community groups.

Higher Education

Practical workshops, training and one-to-one coaching for universities and HE colleges and training providers with a focus on enhancing student resilience.

Bright Thinking

Training and delivery based around this fun, engaging and practical six-week programme for children whose anxiety fuels their negative thinking.

Sports Transitions

Workshops and training for elite sports clubs and organisations with a focus on enhancing the resilience of adult and youth sports performers during transitions.

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