We are still open for business.
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, our face-to-face delivery has been suspended. However, we are still open for business with most of our workshops, training and presentations, and all of our coaching, available for online delivery. This means that we can still provide one-to-one sessions for you as well as one-to-one and group sessions for your team, wherever they are working.

As featured in the Public Health England SEMH Toolkit for Schools and Colleges

Welcome to the home of The Resilience Doughnut in the UK and Ireland.
Resilience is at the heart of our wellbeing, success and long term mental health, as we navigate our way through the inevitable transitions and adversities of life. 
The Resilience Doughnut is a practical, research-validated model being used around the world to build the resilience of children, adolescents and adults. It identifies and combines strengths needed to thrive in a modern world, showing the external strengths that interact to influence the development of self esteem, self efficacy and social skills, that build resilience.  The Resilience Doughnut provides a practical tool and framework which can be used with individuals, groups, families, teams or across a whole organisation or community.

Open Events

Book one or more places on our open training, workshops, presentations and webinars or host an open event in your organisation or community.

Resilience Snapshot

One-to-one session for adults to explore their own Resilience Doughnut and feel better equipped to face the challenges of daily life.

Resilience Coaching

One-to-one coaching for adults who are struggling with a problem, lacking motivation, experiencing personal challenges or facing a period of change.

Resilience for Workplaces

Practical workshops, training and one-to-one coaching for organisations, from any sector, with a focus on building staff resilience.

Resilience for Schools and Colleges

Practical workshops, training and coaching for schools and colleges with a focus on building pupil and teacher resilience.

Resilience for Higher Education

Practical workshops, training and one-to-one coaching for higher education providers with a focus on building student resilience.

Resilience in Adults

Practical workshops, training and one-to-one coaching for organisations and groups working with adults within any setting.

Resilience in Children and Adolescents

Practical training for organisations and groups working with children and adolescents within any setting.

Resilience for Parents and Families

Practical workshops for parents with a focus on building their own resilience and the resilience of their children.

Resilience for Sport

Workshops and training for elite sports clubs and organisations with a focus on building the resilience of sports performers during transitions.

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The Secret of Strong Kids, published in 2006, and The Secret of Strong Adults, published in 2012, have become a topic of conversation in education, workplaces, families and communities along with psychologists and health practitioners.

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Join our online community for the latest updates from our team plus: podcasts; media from around the world; members-only special offers and events; resource access; and our community forum where you can read, comment, share and post.

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Over the past four years, our team in the UK and Ireland have been proud to work with over 150 organisations across the public, third and private sectors. All these organisations have one thing in common; they want to help others to thrive.

Read our research publications.

Over the past two decades, our team at The Resilience Centre in Sydney, led by Lyn Worsley, have been measuring the effectiveness and impact of The Resilience Doughnut across a range of settings. 

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We are currently looking for exceptional solution focused practitioners to join our team as associate trainers or coaches. 

A range of opportunities and flexible trainer training options available. Book an online meeting to find out more.

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