Foundation Training

This practical online training, delivered live by us in the UK, will provide you and your whole team with an insight into how we build the resilience of others through the application of The Resilience Doughnut. Involving a range of individual, paired and group activities and discussions, our foundation training is engaging, practical and based on what works!​ ​You can opt to focus on either resilience in children and adolescents or resilience in adults, and different versions are available for the following settings:

  • Community

  • Schools and Colleges

  • Workplaces 

  • Higher Education

  • Sports

This training can be run for up to 100 participants, although smaller groups provide more opportunity for interaction between your trainer and participants.

Reduced Pricing - For public and third sector organisations.​

Shortened: £500​

Standard: £700​

Extended: £895​


Standard Pricing​

Shortened: £700​

Standard: £995​

Extended: £1,400

Multi-Booking Discount

Discounts available for public and third sector organisations block booking multiple foundation training sessions.​

Multi-School Shared Booking

An additional charge applies for multiple schools sharing the same training session as part of a school cluster, MAT, TSA or LA . 

Prices for up to 30 participants. £5 per additional participant.​.​ Prices correct at 01/04/2020 and are subject to change.


Depending on how your organisation is currently operating, participants can take part individually from their home or workplace, as a small group in one room or as multiple small groups in different rooms. 

This training is available online in 3 versions to help meet the time and budget requirements of your organisation.​​

Shortened - 2 hours

This training provides an engaging introduction to the process of resilience through the context of The Resilience Doughnut model. Participants get hands on with The Resilience Doughnut, as a practical tool to build resilience during life's inevitable ups and downs, and with those experiencing adversity or facing a period of transition.  

Standard - 3.5 Hours (including a short break)

This training covers everything from the basic version but explores the external Resilience Doughnut factors and inner competences in greater depth and includes more opportunity for practical application and discussion. These is also the opportunity for participants to apply The Resilience Doughnut relating to and individual they are currently working with.

Extended - 7 Hours (including short breaks and lunch)

This training covers everything from the standard version but takes a closer looks at thinking skills and personal strengths. In exploring core thinking skills associated with resilience, participants examine how each thinking skill relates to The Resilience Doughnut before practicing simple strategies to promote more resilient thinking habits; through our everyday interactions with those we support and through structured exercises. In exploring personal strengths, participants explore how recognising, appreciating and building existing strengths, along with the role of intentional experiences and relationships are essential in personal development and resilience.

Structure and Content