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"When we change our focus from mental disorder and dysfunction to resilience and positive development, we open possibilities for new ways of intervening in the lives of all children."

- Dr Michael Ungar 

Resilience is at the heart of pupil wellbeing, success and long term mental health, as they navigate their way through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. With The Resilience Doughnut, you can build the resilience of your pupils so they can connect, grow and flourish within a positive school community. 

Firstly, The Resilience Doughnut provides a practical research-validated tool for schools and colleges which can be used on a class, year group or whole school, basis, enabling all pupils to better manage the inevitable ups and downs of life. Secondly it can be used on a targeted basis to build the resilience of individuals experiencing adversity, a period of transition or dealing with trauma. The Resilience Doughnut also provides a framework for schools and colleges to establish, build and strengthen a positive school climate, which involves every pupil, member of staff and parent in their interactions each day.

A resilience-informed response.

Resilience is not a latent quality inside an individual child or adolescent, or a quality of a family, school or community. It is instead a process that involves multiple systems working together to help children and adolescents thrive when they are experiencing adversity or transitions. When building resilience we need an understanding of the things that help all children, adolescents and adults cope better, like relationships, a powerful identity, a sense of belonging, agency, meaning, purpose, achievement and social justice, all of which are embedded within The Resilience Doughnut. A resilience-informed response involves multiple systems and is attuned to the cultural and contextual differences found among the individuals, the school and wider community to which they are part. - This is what we help you to do. 


We know that fostering resilience at an individual, class and whole-school level has the potential to transform schools.

"If you are not prepared to look at your pupils' strengths, don’t touch their weaknesses" 

- Reuven Feuerstein


Where next? You can select from our range of training opportunities detailed below. 


Not sure where to start? Please contact us or book an online or phone meeting​​​.

Foundation Training - Pupil Resilience

Training for teams of any size with a focus on pupil resilience.

​This foundation level training provides a focus on pupil resilience, specific to your school or college setting. Designed for your whole team, whatever their role within your school or college, but also ideal for any size group of pastoral and welfare leads, mental health and wellbeing leads as well as current and aspiring middle, senior and executive school and college leaders.​ A range of core and optional modules is available from a single 2 hour session to a full day plus the flexibility to run multiple modules over different days. Foundation modules can be credited towards practitioner training.

Please note: Foundation training does not provide access to online resources.

Practitioner Training - Pupil Resilience

Our best value team training for an embedded and sustainable approach to pupil resilience.

Training for smaller teams with an in-depth focus on pupil resilience.

​This advanced level training for teams provides a practical and in-depth focus on pupil resilience specific to a school or college setting. Suitable for groups of up to 20 with flexible face-to-face delivery options. Designed for pastoral and welfare leads, student support staff, mental health and wellbeing leads as well as current and aspiring middle, senior and executive school and college leaders.​ The practitioner training is also ideal for teachers and tutors, looking to develop their practice at a more advanced level, as an alternative to the foundation training. The training provides full access to online resources.​

Please note: Practitioner training is not trainer training

Facilitator Training - Child and Adolescent Resilience

Our best value training for individuals with a focus on child and adolescent resilience within their practice.

Resilience Doughnut Training

Training for individuals with an in-depth focus on child and adolescent resilience.

​This advanced level training for individuals provides a practical and in-depth focus on child and adolescent resilience, across a range of settings. With a combination of scheduled online and face-to-face delivery. The training provides full access to online resources and is accredited through the Australian Psychology Society and the NSW Education Standards Authority. 

Please note: Our facilitator training is not trainer training.

Pupils in Transition

Training for existing practitioners and facilitators.

For those working in an international or boarding school setting this training will extend your knowledge, understanding and skills in the application of The Resilience Doughnut with pupils in transition. Moving school, often in a new country, can have a significant impact on a child's level of resilience, self confidence and long term mental health. This practical training will enable participants to better support pupils who are going through the the emotional challenges of this transition cycle. This training is delivered by our specialist Trainer. - Bringing together The Resilience Doughnut with her extensive knowledge and experience in trans-cultural transitions.

Bright Thinking Training

Training for anyone who works with children.

The training is designed for all anyone who works with children and equips you with the knowledge, understanding, skills and resources to deliver Bright Thinking with children within your own school. Bright Thinking is a fun, engaging and practical six week programme for children whose anxiety fuels their negative thinking. Over the past decade, the programme has demonstrated a significant reduction in children’s anxiety and a dramatic increase in their social and personal competence.

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