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This practical workshop provides the opportunity for parents and carers to understand what helps their child cope, thrive and flourish during the life's inevitable ups and downs. All workshops are tailored to age and life stage of the child as well as the context of their setting. 

Who is this workshop for?

​This workshop can be run for up to 30 participants, with smaller groups providing more opportunity for interaction.

​What are the delivery options?

This workshop offers flexibility in content and delivery, to meet the needs of your organisation or group.​

  • There is a range of core and optional modules to tailor your workshop. 

  • Just choose one core module on its own or extend your workshop with one or more optional modules.

  • Optional modules can be run on the same day as your core module or on a different day.

  • Subject to availability, we can also run consecutive and concurrent workshops on the same day.

Module 1

The Resilience Doughnut

2 Hours

Module 2

Strengths Parenting - A Fresh Perspective

1.5 Hours

This module provides the opportunity for participants to get hands on with The Resilience Doughnut as they explore the model through the life of 'Sam', before applying to themselves. Through the application of The Resilience Doughnut, they recognise their own strongest factors and explore how they build their sense of I Have, I Am and I Can - The core of their resilience. With this new understanding, they then explore how this is helpful to them during life's ups and downs.

Option to run this workshop as 2x 1 hour with a short break in the middle.

Module 3

Reframing Thinking

1.5 Hours

Module 4

Building Strengths

1.5 Hours

Optional Module

Building Strengths

1.5 Hours

Optional Module 

Developing Empathy

1.5 Hours

Optional Module

Self-Control - The Internal Cheerleader

1.5 Hours

Optional Module

Attention, Savouring and Gratitude

1.5 Hours

Optional Module

Discipline for Social Success

1.5 Hours

Optional Module

Positive Connection

1.5 Hours


For public and third sector organisations

Core Module (Standard): £400

  • Plus 1 Optional Module: £600

  • Plus 2 Optional Modules: £775

Core Module (Bespoke): £600

  • Plus 1 Optional Module: £775

  • Plus 2 Optional Modules: £875

Optional Modules: £375

Price for up to 30 participants.

At-cost travel and accommodation applies.

Prices correct at 01/04/2019 and are subject to change.

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