Raising Resilient Kids and Teens

This practical workshop is an opportunity for parents and carers to learn and apply practical strategies, based around The Resilience Doughnut, to improve the resilience of their child. - Helping them to cope, thrive and flourish during the life's inevitable ups and downs. Involving a range of individual, paired and group activities and discussions, this workshop is engaging, practical and based on what works!​ ​Whether you are looking for a general group workshop or a highly tailored small group workshop for parents and carers who are experiencing one or more specific challenges or transitions, this workshop is perfect! 

This workshop can be run for up to 100 participants, although smaller groups provide more opportunity for interaction between your trainer and participants.

Reduced Pricing - For public and third sector organisations.

2 hours: £500


3.5 hours (plus break): £650

5 hours (plus break and lunch): £775

6.5 hours (plus break and lunch): £895

Standard Pricing

2 hours: £700


3.5 hours (plus break): £995

5 hours (plus break and lunch): £1,100

6.5 hours (plus break and lunch): £1,400

Multi-Booking Discount

Discounts available for public and third sector organisations block booking multiple workshops.​

Prices for up to 30 participants. plus £5 per additional participant.​ Prices correct at 01/04/2020 and are subject to change.


This workshop is currently only available online and​ includes the option to add additional modules which can be delivered on the same day as your workshop, or for an extra fee, on a different day. For larger groups, we can run consecutive and concurrent workshops on the same day, depending on our availability.

Standard - 2 hours

This workshop provides an engaging introduction to the process of resilience through the context of The Resilience Doughnut. Participants get hands on with The Resilience Doughnut, as a practical tool to use with their child to build resilience during life's inevitable ups and downs, and when experiencing adversity or facing a period of transition. Different versions of this workshop are available to match the age and life stage of the child as well as the context of their setting.

Bespoke - 3.5 hours

This workshop is a bespoke version of the standard workshop and is specifically for parents and carers whose child or family is experiencing one or more specific challenges or transitions. Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Additional Modules - 1.5 hours

One or more additional modules can be added to the standard or bespoke workshop.

Structure and Content

Strengths Parenting

Building on what particpants have learnt about The Resilience Doughnut, this module provides a practical introduction to strengths-based parenting and shows participants how to harness their child's strengthsas an essential tool for their happiness, and a recipe for effective and enjoyable parenting. Strengths [parenting isn’t about lavishing kids with false and excessive praise. It’s about real feedback based on a child’s actual strengths. Nor does focusing on strengths mean we ignore problems. Instead, it shows us how to use what we’re good at to work on what we’re not so good at. Knowing their strengths gives children a solid-enough identity to acknowledge and address the areas where they need to improve. Being strength-based allows parents to approach weaknesses from a larger context - seeing the whole window, not just the dirt.

Resilient Thinking

This module helps particapnts explore, in more depth, the connection between resilience and their child's thinking. We introduce the idea of 'thought catching' and how this improves self-awareness of helpful and unhelpful thinking habits. Participants also learn a range of simple conversational strategies to help their child switch to more helpful thinking habits when they are struggling.

Conversations for Resilience

The conversations we have with our child and the way we respond when they are faced with difficulties and challenges provide an opportunity to build their resilience. This module explores a range of everyday conversation tools which are not only more effective but build resilience and make for more enjoyable parenting.