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"Resilience is as much about what we have as what we think." - Dr Michael Ungar​

Resilience is at the heart of adult wellbeing, success and long term mental health, as we navigate our way through the challenges and transitions that life sometimes brings. Our aim is to foster resilient individuals within resilient communities, with the capacity to grow and flourish.

The Resilience Doughnut is easy to understand, it’s fun and it’s creative. As a practical tool it can be used with all adults as they face the inevitable ups and downs of life, however you find it particularly useful in promoting a resilient response in those who are experiencing a period of adversity or transition. By providing strategies to help with life's challenges and times of change, you enable them to survive and thrive. 

A resilience-informed response.

Building resilience is different from preventing or stopping problems. It shifts the focus to increasing the capacity of children, adolescents and adults within communities, and helps them to anticipate and deal with recurring, chronic and new challenges. It inspires us to think about positive development rather than just suppressing disorder or ending disease and dysfunction.

"Brilliant training for our team. I will be recommending The Resilience Doughnut to colleagues across Wales!”​ - Service Manager, Wrexham County Borough Council

Resilience is not a latent quality inside an individual, or a quality of a family or community. It is instead a process that involves multiple systems working together to help us thrive when we are experiencing adversity or transitions. When building resilience we need an understanding of the things that help all adults cope better, like relationships, a powerful identity, a sense of belonging, agency, meaning, purpose, achievement and social justice, all of which are embedded within The Resilience Doughnut. A resilience-building response involves multiple systems and is attuned to the cultural and contextual differences found among the individuals, their families and the community to which they are part. - This is what we help you to do. 


From individual practice to a whole organisation or community embedded, sustainable and evaluated approach.

You can, of course, just use The Resilience Doughnut with adults on a one-to-one or small group basis within your own role, but it also provides a framework for practitioners, organisations and communities in which adults have the capacity to grow and flourish. 


We provide a range of training and development opportunities for individuals, small groups and whole teams. - Providing a cost-effective and sustainable approach for practitioners, organisations and communities which works. And, including the Resilience Report, enables you to evaluate the impact of all your resilience work.​ - An embedded, sustainable and fully evaluated approach to adult resilience. 


Where next? You can select from our range of training and workshop opportunities detailed below. 


Not sure where to start? Please contact us or book an online or phone meeting​​​.

Workshop for all adults with a focus on their own resilience.

Resilient Adults - From Surviving to Thriving

This practical workshop is an opportunity for participants to learn and apply practical strategies, based around The Resilience Doughnut, to improve their own resilience by understanding what helps them cope, thrive and flourish during the life's inevitable ups and downs. Involving a range of individual, paired and group activities and discussions, this workshop is is engaging, practical and based on what works!​ ​Whether you are looking for a more general session or a highly tailored workshop for smaller groups, who are experiencing one or more specific challenges or transitions, this workshop is perfect! As with all our workshops, it is tailored to meet the requirements of the group and also offers a range of core and optional modules​.

Training for groups of any size with a focus on building the resilience of adults.

Foundation Training - Adult Resilience

​This foundation level training provides a focus on adult resilience, specific to your setting.  Suitable for any size group, with a range of core and optional modules giving you flexibility in content and delivery.​​

Designed for:

  • All adult practitioners.​​

  • Practice or project leads.

Please note: Foundation training does not provide access to online resources.

Training for smaller groups with an in-depth focus on building the resilience of adults.

Practitioner Training - Adult Resilience

​This advanced level training provides an in-depth focus on adult resilience, specific to your setting. Suitable for up to 20 participants with flexible face-to-face delivery options. The training provides access to online resources.​

Designed for: 

  • All adult practitioners.​​

  • Practice or project leads.

Training for individuals with an in-depth focus on building the resilience of adults.

Facilitator Training - Adult Resilience

​This advanced level training for individuals provides an in-depth focus on adult resilience, across a range of settings. With a combination of scheduled online and face-to-face delivery. The training provides the benefit of access to online resources and is accredited through the Australian Psychology Society and the NSW Education Standards Authority. 

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