Our Resilience Snapshot session can also be run alongside our Personal Resilience Workshop.

​​​Please contact us if you would like a quote for online or face-to-face sessions for multiple individuals. - Discounts available.


If you are facing a period of transition, struggling with a problem, lacking motivation, or facing a specific personal or workplace challenge, our resilience coaching may be more suitable. Not sure? Please contact us so we can advise you accordingly.​​

Resilience Snapshot

Working with your Resilience Doughnut can improve your self-reflection, emotional regulation, meaningful connections and personal competence. Book this stand-alone, one hour session to explore your own Resilience Doughnut and feel better equipped to face the challenges of daily life.

Before your session, you will be given access to our online Resilience Report tool where you can take a snapshot of your specific resilience and wellbeing characteristics. During your session we will then explore your strongest Resilience Doughnut factors which, when activated, strengthened and connected, provide a strength-based confidence that will help you move towards enhanced resilience to face the challenges of daily life.​