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"Resilience is not a trait but a process of interaction." - Dr Michael Ungar

Resilience is at the heart of wellbeing, success and long term mental health. With The Resilience Doughnut, you can build the resilience of your pupils and staff so they can connect within a positive school community. Our aim is to foster resilient individuals within resilient communities, with the capacity to grow and flourish.


The Resilience Doughnut is easy to understand, it’s fun and it’s creative. As a tool, it enables a practical approach for building the resilience of individuals, providing strategies to help with life's challenges and times of change. As a framework, it gives a simple creative formula for schools to shape the environment so it works for every individual. At the very least, the process of working with The Resilience Doughnut leaves individuals with a sense of hope and optimism, although as we see regularly, it is unlimited in the impact it can have.

“The Resilience Doughnut has been central in creating a paradigm shift from seeing our pupils as 'at risk' to 'at potential'.”​ - Deputy Headteacher

From individual practice to a whole organisation embedded, sustainable and fully evaluated approach.


You can, of course, just use The Resilience Doughnut with pupils and staff on a one-to-one or small group basis within your own role, but it can also provide a whole-school, embedded, sustainable and fully evaluated approach to pupil and staff resilience. We provide a range of training and development opportunities for individuals, small groups and whole teams, including specific opportunities for pastoral leads, mental health and wellbeing leads as well as current and aspiring middle, senior and executive school and college leaders. - Providing a cost-effective and sustainable approach for schools and colleges which works. And, including the Resilience Report, enables you to evaluate the impact of all your pupil and staff wellbeing work.​ 


You can select from our range of training and development opportunities detailed on the Pupil Resilience and Teacher Resilience sections.

Building a positive school climate; for everyone.


When it comes to mental health and wellbeing, it is common for schools to focus only on those facing difficulties, but this doesn’t build the resiliency skills needed for all staff and pupils to achieve long-term wellbeing. Furthermore a reactionary response to problems as they arise does not build a positive school climate, but rather highlights the difficulties faced, creating a depressed and problem saturated climate. The Resilience Doughnut provides a powerful, yet easy to use, tool for all students, staff and parents with a solution focused, strengths-based practice at its core, which, for schools and colleges, translates into a more supportive, optimistic and connected environment, enabling pupils and staff to thrive and flourish.

"Mindset altering. Our training was delivered clearly and precisely and provided a brilliant tool for supporting our pupils and their families." - Head of Year

Most schools have aspects of resiliency in their school plan in order to develop students to be well balanced and prepared for life beyond the school environment. This programme, however, is groundbreaking in its approach by impacting on the whole school learning community. - Everyone takes the same approach and the same message, providing a school community able to foster resilient students and staff.

Schools with a positive culture practice a whole school approach to the development of wellbeing and emotional resilience, which involves every teacher and every student in their natural interactions each day. This is what we help you to achieve.

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