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This practical workshop is an opportunity for your whole team to learn and apply practical strategies, based around The Resilience Doughnut, to improve their own resilience both inside and outside the workplace. Involving a range of individual, paired and group activities and discussions, this workshop is engaging, practical and based on what works!​ ​Whether you are looking for a more general session for all your staff or a highly tailored workshop for smaller groups, who are experiencing one or more specific challenges or transitions, this workshop is perfect! As with all our workshops, it is tailored to meet the requirements of the group and also offers a range of core and optional modules​.

Who is this workshop for?

  • ​This workshop is for a group of up to 30 participants, with smaller groups providing more opportunity for interaction. 

  • Designed for:

    • Your whole team.

    • Smaller groups with a specific focus.

​What are the delivery options?

This workshop offers flexibility in content and delivery, to meet the needs of your organisation.​

  • This workshop can be run as stand-alone or alongside our practitioner or facilitator training to provide sustainability.​​

  • There is a range of core and optional modules to tailor your workshop. 

  • Just choose one core module on its own or extend your workshop with one or more optional modules.

  • Optional modules can be run on the same day as your core module or on a different day.

  • For larger teams, we can run consecutive and concurrent workshops on the same day.

Core Module

The Resilience Doughnut

Shortened Version

2 Hours

Core Module

The Resilience Doughnut

Standard Version

3.5 Hours (including a short break)

This module provides an engaging introduction to the process of resilience through the context of The Resilience Doughnut. Participants get hands on with The Resilience Doughnut, as a practical tool to use for themselves to build resilience during life's inevitable ups and downs, and when experiencing adversity or facing a period of transition. All our workshops are tailored to the workplace setting and the needs of the group.

This module covers everything from the shortened module but explores the core concepts in more depth and provides more opportunity for personal application and discussion. All our workshops are tailored to the workplace setting and the needs of the group.

Core Module

The Resilience Doughnut

Bespoke Version

3.5 Hours (including a short break)

This module includes all of the content of the standard workshop but is highly tailored for smaller groups, who are experiencing one or more specific challenges or life transitions including, but not limited to:​​​​​​

  • Career break / change

  • Cultural transition

  • 'Empty nest'

  • Illness 

  • New starters

  • Recovery

  • Retirement

  • Families of service personnel

  • ​Retirement

  • Redundancy

  • Mental health difficulties

  • Relocation  

+ Resilience Coaching

Add one-to-one coaching to your workshop and provide a wrap-around resilience package for staff experiencing personal or work-related challenges or transitions. A popular option for organisations seeking to support staff with redundancy, relocation or organisational change.​ Contact us to discuss your requirements

+ Resilience Report

Include the Resilience Report as a part of your workshop. The Resilience Report is usually completed in advance and then forms part of the session and any follow-up. Read more about the Resilience Report.

Optional Module

Resilient Thinking

1.5 Hours

Optional Module

Personal Strengths

1.5 Hours

How we think plays an essential role in our resilience. This module builds on the connection between the application of The Resilience Doughnut and our thinking. Participants start to develop thought catching skills, as they recognise common thinking traps in themselves and others and develop strategies to move towards more optimistic and realistic resilient thinking habits. - Essential as we go through the challenges and transitions of life.

This session builds on the core module to provide participants with the opportunity to recognise and explore their own personal strengths. - Providing an invaluable way of looking at what intrinsically motivates them and how they can use these internal drivers to cast a new lens on their life inside and outside the workplace. A strengths focus leads to higher levels of engagement, enjoyment and satisfaction and, as a result, builds the capacity for resilience.


This module requires completion of a short online questionnaire in advance.

Optional Module

Team Strengths

1.5 Hours

Optional Module

Moving Beyond Stress

1.5 Hours

This modules provides participants with the opportunity to recognise and explore the strengths within their team or department. - Helping participants understand, at a deeper level, what contribution they make to their team, what energises them and, just as important, what their colleagues bring and what energises them. - All essential in building capacity for resilience.

This module can only be delivered after the Personal Strengths module.

Some stress can be good for us. But too much stress, or feeling stressed for too long, can have a damaging effect on our mind and body. During this module, participants will take a strengths and solution focused approach to explore the causes, symptoms and effects of stress, strategies to manage stress in everyday life and ways we can get past stress to lead a more meaningful life.

Optional Module

Coping with Difficult People

1.5 Hours

Optional Module

Starting The Conversation

1.5 Hours

Some people go to astonishing lengths to be difficult: the boss who keeps moving the goal posts; the client who acts and speaks aggressively or the partner that just does not seem to get it!

In this workshop participants will discover their own automatic defensive behaviour, become aware of their anger buttons, develop skills to check their fight, flight or freeze reactions and learn effective strategies to stand up for yourself whilst maintaining the relationship.

This module provides space for participants to engage in a positive conversation about their workplace wellbeing. Through a positively framed, solution focused conversation, participants recognise aspects currently working well within their workplace and identify and discuss opportunities for further development.


Standard Pricing - For private sector organisations.

Core Module (Shortened): £600

  • Plus 1 Optional Module: £850

  • Plus 2 Optional Modules: £1,100

Core Module (Standard or bespoke): £850

  • Plus 1 Optional Module: £1,100

  • Plus 2 Optional Modules: £1,300

Optional Modules: £550 - When delivered on a different day.

Reduced Pricing - For public and third sector organisations.

Core Module (Shortened): £400

  • Plus 1 Optional Module: £600

  • Plus 2 Optional Modules: £775

Core Module (Standard or bespoke): £600

  • Plus 1 Optional Module: £775

  • Plus 2 Optional Modules: £875

Optional Modules: £375​ - When delivered on a different day.

Price for up to 30 participants.

At-cost travel and accommodation applies.

Prices correct at 01/04/2019 and are subject to change.

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