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"Higher employee resilience is associated with more productivity and job satisfaction; and less stress, burnout and absences from work." - Employee Survey; Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2017

Resilience is at the heart of wellbeing, success and long term mental health. With The Resilience Doughnut, you can build the resilience of your staff so they can connect within a positive workplace community. Our aim is to foster resilient individuals within resilient organisations, with the capacity to grow and flourish. 

The Resilience Doughnut is easy to understand, it’s fun and it’s creative. Firstly, The Resilience Doughnut provides a practical research-validated tool for organisations which can be used on a universal basis, enabling all staff to better manage the inevitable ups and downs of life. Secondly it can be used on a targeted basis to build the capacity for resilience of individuals experiencing a challenge, adversity or period of transition. The Resilience Doughnut also provides a framework, giving organisations a simple creative formula to shape the environment so it works for every individual. At the very least, the process of working with The Resilience Doughnut leaves individuals with a sense of hope and optimism, although as we see regularly, it is unlimited in the impact it can have.

“The session was truly inspiring, very well presented and engaging.”

- Workshop delegate, BookingGo

The Resilience Doughnut resonates with many adults, particularly those who have struggled through adversity and, not only survived, but have actually thrived as a result of their tough times. It also resonates because it focuses on the strengths in an adult lives, with more focus on what has worked and how, rather than the overbearing weight on the negative or problems that need to be fixed. It is essentially a strength approach and seeks to strengthen what is already working.

From individual practice to a whole organisation embedded, sustainable and fully evaluated approach.


You can, of course, just use The Resilience Doughnut with staff on a one-to-one or small group basis within your own role, but it can also provide a whole-organisation, embedded, sustainable and fully evaluated approach to staff resilience. We provide a range of training and development opportunities for individuals, small groups and whole teams, including specific opportunities for current and aspiring middle, senior and executive leaders and managers. - Providing a cost-effective and sustainable approach for organisations which works. And, including the Resilience Report, enables you to evaluate the impact of all your staff wellbeing work.​ 

“Empowering! Everyone should do this workshop! The trainer was amazing.”

- Workshop delegate, First Data

Building a positive workplace climate; for everyone.


When it comes to mental health and wellbeing, it is common for organisations to focus only on those facing difficulties, but this doesn’t build the resiliency skills needed for all staff to achieve long-term wellbeing. Furthermore a reactionary response to problems as they arise does not build a positive workplace climate, but rather highlights the difficulties faced, creating a depressed and problem saturated climate. The Resilience Doughnut provides a powerful, yet easy to use, tool for all staff with solution focused, strengths-based practice at its core, which, for organisations, translates into a more supportive, optimistic and connected environment, enabling staff to thrive and flourish.

Where next? You can select from our range of training and workshop opportunities detailed below. 


Not sure where to start? Please contact us or book an online or phone meeting​​​.

Personal Resilience - From Surviving to Thriving

Our most popular team workshop with a focus for participants on building their own resilience.

Workshop for all staff with a focus on their own resilience.

This practical workshop is an opportunity for your whole team to learn and apply practical strategies, based around The Resilience Doughnut, to improve their own resilience both inside and outside the workplace. Involving a range of individual, paired and group activities and discussions, this workshop is is engaging, practical and based on what works!​ ​Whether you are looking for a more general session for all your staff or a highly tailored workshop for smaller groups, who are experiencing one or more specific challenges or transitions, this workshop is perfect! This workshop is tailored to meet the requirements of the group and also offers a range of core and optional modules​.

Resilience Snapshot

One-to-one session for all adults.

Working with your Resilience Doughnut can improve self-reflection, emotional regulation, meaningful connections and personal competence. Our single, one-to-one Resilience Snapshot takes an in-depth exploration of the participant's own Resilience Doughnut which, when activated, strengthened and connected, provide a strength-based confidence that will help them move towards enhanced resilience to face the challenges of daily life. Online or face-to-face delivery options and discounts available when booking for multiple individuals. Can be combined with the Personal Resilience workshop.

Resilience Coaching

One-to-one session for adults.

Our online or face-to-face Resilience Coaching is designed for adults who are facing a period of transition, struggling with a problem, lacking motivation, or facing a range of challenges in a personal or work situation. Online or face-to-face delivery options and discounts available when booking for multiple individuals. Can be combined with the Personal Resilience workshop.

Foundation Training - Staff Resilience

Training for teams of any size with a focus on building the resilience of colleagues.

​This foundation level training provides a focus on staff resilience, specific to your workplace setting. Designed for current or aspiring middle, senior and executive leaders and managers, HR managers and staff wellbeing and mental health leads. A range of core and optional modules is available from a single 2 hour session to a full day plus the flexibility to run multiple modules over different days. Foundation modules can be credited towards practitioner training.

Please note: Foundation training does not provide access to online resources.

Practitioner Training - Staff Resilience

Our best value team training for an embedded and sustainable approach to staff resilience.

Training for smaller teams with an in-depth focus on building the resilience of colleagues.

​This advanced level training for teams provides a practical and in-depth focus on staff resilience specific to your workplace setting. Suitable for groups of up to 20 with flexible face-to-face delivery options. Designed for current or aspiring middle, senior and executive leaders and managers, HR managers and staff wellbeing and mental health leads.​ The training provides full access to online resources.​

Please note: Practitioner training is not trainer training

Facilitator Training - Adult Resilience

Our best value training for individuals with a focus on adult resilience within their own practice.

Training or individuals with an in-depth focus on adult resilience.

​This advanced level training for individuals provides an in-depth focus on adult resilience, across a range of settings. With a combination of scheduled online and face-to-face delivery. The training provides full access to online resources and is accredited through the Australian Psychology Society and the NSW Education Standards Authority.

Please note: Practitioner training is not trainer training

Solution Focused Team Talk

Featured training. - Popular choice for organisations.

Training for all teams or individuals with a focus on team communication.

Great communication is at the heart of highly effective teams; building trusting relationships while enabling positive outcomes. This training will provide you with the practical tools for: more productive meetings and conversations; a better response to challenge and conflict; a more pragmatic approach and openness to change; a better sense of direction; more positive team relationships and collaboration. - All features of a resilient workplace.

Building High Performing Teams

Training for all leaders and managers with a focus on team performance.

Are you an existing leader or manager with a new team? Are you new to leadership and management? We all want a sense of meaning and purpose in our work, to feel engaged within a high performing team that we are proud to part of. At the core of these high-performing teams lies connectedness. And at the core of team connectedness are genuine relationships where there is honesty, openness, trust and empathy. As a leader or manager, this strengths-based Building High Performing Teams programme enables you to understand, at a deeper level, what contribution you make to your team, what energises you and, just as important, what your colleagues bring and what energises them. - In the process, you build a connected, inclusive, engaged and high performing team. This training guides you through the programme so you can deliver it within your own team.

Resilience for Global Assignments

Training for existing practitioners and facilitators.

This half day training is designed to equip existing practitioners and facilitators with the knowledge, understanding and skills to provide practical support to colleagues starting on an international assignment. The loss of external supportive factors is a main feature of global transitions and, even temporarily, this can have a significant impact on an individual's emotional resilience and long term mental health.​ Applying The Resilience Doughnut within the arriving and leaving stages of the transition cycle can enable those in global transition to settle into their assignment and flourish.

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